14k White Gold Rings

The White Gold Wedding Band Collection at Larson Jewelers showcases your precious commitment. Find brilliant white gold rings in traditional and stunningly original styles and designs to symbolize your forever bond in our collection.

14k White Gold Rings

The Weight & Brilliance of White Gold Rings

Gold has been used to craft wedding rings for over 1,500 years. White gold rings are made of real gold that's coated with rhodium, a silver-white element even more rare and precious than gold. This noble metal does not react easily to oxygen, making it highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. White gold bands for men and women carry the weight of gold while delivering brilliant hues, shapes and designs. Symbolize your precious commitment to each other with stunning 14k or 18k white gold men's wedding bands from our collection.

Women's & Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

Find your perfect white gold bands for men and women in our collection. Choose traditional styles with polished, brushed, hammered, satin or other finishes for a subtle statement of love. Or go bold with men's white gold wedding bands featuring inlays of wood, mother of pearl, rose or yellow gold, diamonds, gemstones or even dinosaur bones and fossils. With a rainbow of colors and carved designs from braiding to deer antlers to your beloved's fingerprint, our collection offers a wide selection of white gold wedding bands as unique as your love story.

Hassle-Free Shopping: More Precious than Gold

Your time is never so valuable as when you're planning a wedding. Larson Jewelers makes it easy to fit ring shopping into your schedule with a huge selection you can browse from home, experienced wedding band consultants available for online chatting, fast shipping - even on custom engraved white gold rings - and easy returns. We bring you a hassle-free shopping experience so you can have the stunning white gold wedding bands you've always dreamed of. Make us your final stop on the journey to perfect wedding rings for any budget.